GHBA Member Suppliers

Bees, NUCs, Queens & Honey - from members and local suppliers affiliated with the GHBA

Creekside Maple Honey
Queens, Nucs and honey available
496 Winniet St, Caledonia

Nucs, Queens, honey products and mentoring available

Beekeepers and Suppliers of Queens, Cells & Nucleus Colonies, Honey and Beeswax Products
Allison Van Alten

Beekeeping Supplies - preference given to local retailers

Dartnell Home Hardware
10 Dartnall Road
Hamilton, ON
(905) 383 - 3353

Other suppliers not affiliated with the GHBA but they are located in the area.
Peter & Sandi


230 Hanlon Creek Boul. 
Guelph ON N1C 0A1
Unit 105

Glass jars, lids, bottles

Dominion & Grimm
Jenny Rumble
Toll Free: 1-877-676-1914
Fax: 519-676-0968