Hive Types

Warre  Hives
Barbara  Westfall gave an excellent talk on her experiences with the Warre Hive.  She provided useful links if you are interested in this type of hive.

Emile Warre’s Book: Beekeeping for all        Free pdf download:
 Buy the book:
The Bee Friendly Beekeeper – A Sustainable Approach        By David Heaf
ISBN 978-1-904846-60-4            It can be bought directly from David at
David Heaf’s Web page:
Beekeeping:  natural, simple and successful                     By Johann Thur
Stable Hive Climate - Nature's Method - the PDF book by Roger Delon below discusses the importance of retaining the nest scent and heat in a hive to have a healthy productive hive.
Gene Wasik,
4 Jun 2012, 13:48