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EAS 2012 Honey Show
GHBA received the email below at the EAS show in Burlington, VT., Aug. 13-17.  See the file below - Honey Show - for more details.

Dear Beekeeping club leader,
I'm writing today to submit an article for consideration in your newsletter.  It's about EAS in Burlington VT this August and more specifically the EAS Honey Show.  Mike Palmer is in charge of the EAS 2012 Honey Show, and I'm his Publicity person. 
Mike asked me to drum up publicity for the EAS Honey Show, and my idea was to gather high-quality presentations that have been made, and locate them all on a Honey Show page on the EAS site, along with clear rules.  That way people don't have to laboriously seek out suggestions for showing extracted honey at one bee club's site, and wax block prep on some other beekeeper's blog, etc.  Or worst of all, say to themselves,
 "Honey Show?  I never enter those; I wouldn't know what to do!" 
Our idea is to get many more people educated about how to get ready to enter a honey show.  The great thing is that the EAS Honey Show Page is not only valuable for the EAS honey show, but for any show a beekeeper might enter!  The point of showing is to prove the entrant can produce a super-high quality product, and hopefully, that is the same product as what they sell.  Please check it out
The point is not just showing off at a show, but learning about providing the highest quality products for the customer.  The attention to detail needed to enter a show combined with the careful comments given on the score card by judges, allows a person to improve their skills immensely. 
Thanks for your time and for running the article in your newsletter,
Anne Frey

CATCH THE BUZZ - Corn planting & impact on bees

posted 13 May 2012, 08:41 by Gene Wasik   [ updated 13 May 2012, 08:43 ]

Corn Planting Drift is Killing Honey Bees. You Can Help. Here’s How.  (Click on the link above or the article below.)

The number of beekills this spring due to poisoning by pesticides has skyrocketed. In Ohio just this spring we have seen more beekills than I can remember total in the past 25 years combined. Reports from many, many states have been coming into this office in the past couple of weeks. At first they seemed isolated and unsupported. Beekeepers are wary of reporting incidents, and seldom sure of how to proceed or what to do.

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